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Goodbye aprilie 13, 2009

Posted by Motto in Ferentari. 'Nuff said.
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I never really knew the truth behind Goodbye.
Never have I thought of it before.
But then you said it in a blink of an eye.
Goodbye, goodbye!

I’ve learned of what it means to be alone.
Of that behind the heavy curtain.
When the show is over one is on one’s own.
Destination unknown.

The jealousy fades and hurting words run free.
Goodbye chases „I love you” away.
Goodbye peels the fruit of the poisonous tree,
I couldn’t foresee.

You’ll never crawl over my shoulder for a kiss
Other people will consume us now.
Our passion chased into the dark oceanic abyss
Our plans amiss.

Goodbye means breathing you out, mending the scar,
And putting miles between us.
It means letting a stranger grab your heart and C.P.R
Au revoir, au revoir!

*Daca pana acum ai crezut ca in Ferentari singurele versuri care se aseaza pe 2.0 sunt legate de bani si masini, te-ai inselat. E foarte posibil sa fiu primul poet Web 2.0 din Ferentari.

Ferentari Out



1. Doru - aprilie 15, 2009

Touching and inspiring!

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